Frosty Boy: Ice Cream and Food for Everyone

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July 25, 2015

Frosty Boy 2.0 is here! And Grand Rapids and the surrounding area couldn’t be happier. On a sunny 87-degree day I went with my good friend and fellow blogger Penny to check out the recently re-opened Frosty Boy on Plainfield to eat ice cream for lunch. Because we can.

First thing you see is the darling Frosty Boy logo greeting you on the sign in the front. Then you see his cheerful face everywhere: on the napkin holder, on the menu, signs. That cute little guy is everywhere!

Front of Frosty Boy

Front of Frosty Boy

There are menu’s on the window and their Facebook page. Again, I went in knowing I wanted ice cream. Ice cream includes a variety of soft serve, hand-dipped and sorbet. The menu changes regularly. Menu item’s include things such as chili dogs, deep fried hot dogs, soft pretzel, etc. Prices seem to be very reasonable.

Frosty Boy has also made a name for themselves by offering a selection of vegan as well gluten-free items. Alyssa Naumann, who owns the shop with her husband Kyle, said people are driving a distance for these specialty items. More on this in a bit.

I ordered a medium Peanut Butter Crunch sundae – complete with whipped cream and a cherry (well, it was my lunch). Wowsa! First of all, for $3.95 I couldn’t finish it. Secondly, it was great!



There was a thick hard shell of chocolate, caramel and peanuts drizzled down the top of soft-serve vanilla. But it was once you dug into the bowl you really found deliciousness. Swirled around the bowl is a thick layer of really good peanut butter, chocolate, peanuts, and more caramel. Well done Frosty Boy.

Some additional observations. There was a steady steam of people ordering both food and ice cream while we were there. Oh, and there is a Doggy Sundae on the menu and a fresh bowl of water was put out for your canine friends. That’s how nice and friendly these people are!

As I said I was with my friend Penny. She’s going to complete the rest of this blog as she is gluten-free and “mostly dairy-free”.


Being gluten-free and mostly dairy-free for more than 4 years, I long ago gave up on the idea of ever being able to enjoy a real ice-cream cone again.  That was until my friend lured me to Frosty Boy with the promise of just that – an ice-cream cone.  I have to say, I was skeptical.  I did my research, took a look at the menu prior to our visit.  I was impressed, and cautiously optimistic at seeing not only choices for the gluten-free shop but seeing care added in as well.  They not only offered a flurry with gluten-free ingredients but they tell you in print – the blender used for the flurry is kept gluten-free.  Folks – this is huge!

Now, on to the order.  As I mentioned, I am gluten-free 100%, and mostly dairy-free as well.  No worries, Frosty Boy offers not only gluten-free safe options but wait, they have dairy-free ice cream as well!!  I am a lemon freak though, so I took a chance on the lemon soft-serve in a gluten-free waffle cone.  Two things I noticed right away that tell me of the awesomeness of Frosty Boy – they have a separate gluten-free menu posted (and willing and able to answer any ingredient questions), they put on gloves to prepare my order without ever asking or hesitating.  That my friends is pure delight.  Those two things alone would cause me to come back without ever tasting anything.  But, now the best part …my lemon soft serve waffle cone was one big thing of deliciousness.  The ice cream had just the right amount of lemon in it without tasting artificial.  The waffle cone – well I would never be able to tell it was gluten-free.  It had just enough crunch, didn’t fall apart, didn’t taste powdery as is often the case with gluten-free based goodies.  To me it was the real deal.  What a gem in Grand Rapids for not only the gluten-free crowd but all the ice cream lovers.  I already know what I will be ordering on my next visit…heading to the world of flurries

Soft-serve gf Lemon on a Handmade gf Waffle Cone

Soft-serve gf Lemon on a Handmade gf Waffle Cone

Oh, and don’t forget to follow #frostyboygr on Instagram. Great pictures of happy people enjoying ice cream. And that makes me happy.

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